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An unintelligent person who believes that he can hold a position of power.
We have a forrest trump in the White House; he tweeted that the Cohen indictment "cleared me."
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by smjgJsbjgsm December 10, 2018
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Whimsical character who pretends to be a war hero, runs long distances, and says cute things like "life is like a box of chocolates" - except in real life is a draft dodger, can't run at all cuz he's a fat fuck, and says embarrassing words like "bigly".
"Did you ever see that movie Forrest Trump?"

"Why would I watch a movie about a racist fat orange bastard who dodged the draft with fake bunyons and keeps saying stupid shit like 'bigly'? I can see that asswipe on Fox news whenever I want."
by Littlehandsdonniedotard June 27, 2018
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Is an individual who has the desire to have the inner qualities of Forrest Gump such as simplicity and humility but lives an extravagant and ostentatious life like Donald Trump.
I have the Forrest Trump personality.I was brought up by my parents to live a simple, humble life on whatever I do. When I finished my M.D. degree I've realized that majority of my friends drive expensive cars and live in big homes. I feel torn between living simple and having a lifestyle similar to my friends.
by perfectvsgood December 02, 2010
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