A reliable car made by the ford motor company. In it's older models, it may not have been the prettiest of cars (although the 96 model looks eerily like a puppy), but it can survive anything. It will win in a fight with most other vehicles and objects and has been known to fix it's own problems on occasion. It does tend to develop an annoying squeak in the engine, but you can just quit your bitching and deal with it cause it's not hurting anybody is it?
My ford taurus has been squeaking like mice on acid, but then I hit a big pothole and it just gave up. Very nice!
by Ritsuka13 April 22, 2009
A mid-sized mid-priced sedan from the ford motor company. It's ugly as sin and notorious for being cheap and shitty. Early 90's low-end models are virtually indestructible due to a front and rear set of polyurethane bumpers, however being able to survive a full speed impact into a tree without any visual damage doesn't make it any less of a piece of shit.
I can't stand this fucking ford taurus, it gets eight miles to the gallon, has an exhaust leak that makes it sound like a lawnmower, and looks like it belongs in a destruction derby.
by JFA MOFO March 23, 2008
Guy 1: There is a bucket of shit parked in my driveway with its lights on

Guy 2: Oh, that must be my Ford Taurus

Guy 1: TWAZZER!!!!!
by Jazz 88.1 February 19, 2007