COL means specifically Crying out Loud.
COL/Crying Out Loud can be used in only one way: "My friend just died...I'm COL!"
by COL May 10, 2014
A Pop Punk/Screamo band from Cape Cod, MA, sometimes referred to as '4COL.'
Fan 1: Hey, dude! Did you catch that 4COL show last weekend?
Fan 2: Yeah, bro! 'For Crying Out Loud' kicks ass!
by caribou4colfan June 8, 2009
Crying Out Loud is when you laugh so hard that you start to cry. Think of Crying Out Loud as LOL's relative
A: Did you hear Johnny's joke?
B: It was so funny that I started Crying Out Loud
by CryingOutLoud February 14, 2020