A sugary substance resebling cookie dough. Mainly used in the cake making or pastry world.
this fondant tastes and looks delicious
by Pasha Stookie March 28, 2005
similar to an upper-decker, but the fecal matter is applied with precision to the seat itself.
Derek applied an elegant fondant to Kevin's toilet seat, and even added a nice fecal flower flourish.
by BingCon10 May 15, 2010
Dry Fondant is an alternative reference to dried semen or jizz. However, Dry Fondant is only used when such condition occurrs while participating in a Decorating Party. Dry Fondant, like dried semen, can be reconstituted with a little water.
During the bukkake at a recent Decorating Party, Linda found herself very satisfied as she took on repeated lovers one after another. Her bukkake session actually took so long that she found herself well decorated and covered in Dry Fondant. She cleaned up nicely after reconstituting all the man batter with a little warm water spray from the shower nozzle.
by Eaton Holgoode February 18, 2014
no more define, White Fondant Cookie is a Cookie Run Kingdom OC made by Berrekie on Youtube, (please subscribe to them!!) White Fondant Cookie is basically a popular fashionista of CookieRun / CookieRunBerrekie
. White Fondant has a costume named : Rosebush's Swan.

miss fondant cookie 10x - wardrobe cookie - sherbert aka. me
Q : Whats your favorite Fanmade Cookie Run OC?
A: White Fondant Cookie!
by wdym bythat January 21, 2022
A term used to describe what well sprung males like to do to their ho's to celebrate Easter each year. This event is usually brought on by a sugar rush from overdosing on Cadbury Creme Eggs and may result in a “second coming.” Because of his over-excitement, the male usually forgets to put on a condom and may live to regret this experience.
“Hey, my ho had me over for Easter and I was fondling the fondant/creamed her egg. I ‘aint ready to be no Mother fuckin’ Daddy-o! I can’t believe I played myself like this!”

by Bay Boy and Corn Ho April 29, 2009