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no more define, White Fondant Cookie is a Cookie Run Kingdom OC made by Berrekie on Youtube, (please subscribe to them!!) White Fondant Cookie is basically a popular fashionista of CookieRun / CookieRunBerrekie
. White Fondant has a costume named : Rosebush's Swan.

miss fondant cookie 10x - wardrobe cookie - sherbert aka. me
Q : Whats your favorite Fanmade Cookie Run OC?
A: White Fondant Cookie!
by wdym bythat January 21, 2022
icon, cute n spooky , lovely and cute!
Q: what cookies are on your team?
A: oh! pumpkin pie cookie, sea fairy cookie, latte cookie, pure vanilla cookie and moon rabbit cookie?
by wdym bythat January 21, 2022