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A father mommy. In other words, it is a single father.
He was a fommy, and had to raise the kids himself.
by future companion February 20, 2015
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"Fommies" ; fœ-mēēs

Noun; |adjective; | preposition; |



A "fommie.." iz a man, woman or animal and/or anything capeable of being a fony ass mufuckuh.... who pretends to be a hommie but is really being a sketchy, FAKE, trifelin ass WANNABE hommie. Diss nickle is thinkin' bout how to sceme your ass into believing you're their hommie so they can fuck u over or steal from you or fuck your girlfriend in your own goddamn bed while you're visiting your grandma... or sum shit to that effect. Allz they want is to fuk u over for their benifit. Don't trust these hoes.

2.) Fake hommie

3.) Fony hommie
" A man, so how bout THIS bull shit... how bout dude from the otha night...dude i been shootin the shit wit... well fuck man, turns out, dat mufuckuh was a strait up fommie fo real...straight fake- hommie!! "

"We all know most people in the game are fommies. Cant trust none uf these hoes"
by April 09, 2017
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