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Portuguese word for "fuck" in its interjection form. (Brasilians use it as well, since they speak Portuguese.)
Joao: Foda-se!
Pedro: Que e' que foi?
Joao: Caguei-me todo... Foda-se!!!

Joao: Fuck!
Pedro: What happened?
Joao: I've just shat myself... Fuck!!!
by the_goblin August 05, 2007
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'i donΒ΄t give a damn' in Brazil
1: Eu gosto de sorvete.
2: Foda-se

1: I like ice cream
2: I donΒ΄t give a damn or fuck (in this case)
by O Cara November 29, 2009
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I am hungry I need some foda-se

I am foda-sing with my parents at lunch.

I would like to foda-se a pumpkin pie right now
by laserx October 08, 2019
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