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to be used in exchange of fu*kers, bast*rds, or a$$holes
Hey, those fockers stole my car!
by Alicia V. September 12, 2003
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An offshoot of the shocker. It is giving a woman a shocker and then her parents walk into the room. Named for Gabe Focker of "Meet the Parents"
I was giving her a shocker and then got the focker. Her dad punched me in the face and then gave me $350 bucks not to see her anymore.
by JacknRochNY November 29, 2007
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'focker' or 'fock off' or 'fock you' is what chavs say instead of fuck. Their mentality is that of a two year old and their speech has not yet developed.
see also goff
chav-'oh you, fockin mosh 'ead goff, get out my fockin way you focker, or i is gonna bang you ou'.

Normal dude-sorry, dont speak that language, try english, eh?

chav-donts' be cheeky now, or ils' bang you out like, innit?

Normal dude-what did you say you were in?

chav-come on then

*normal dude walks off*

chav-sholid, yah, innit bhled that wo' i fort.
by *killer doll* November 10, 2007
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