gangsta slang.

'izzle' replaces the end of some specified words.

yo fo shizzle my nizzle in the hizzle.

yes - for sure my fellow black man, in the house.
by [NaZ] February 03, 2009
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1. A polite and well meaning colloquialism used to express agreement with a cohort. (This phrase entered american vernacular when famed celebrity/artist/rapper/pornographer/movie star Snoop Dogg started using it and other words containing the suffix "izzle" or "izzy.")

2. To aquiesce to or agree with a proposition or idea offered by an affable peer.
My Boy D-Bo axed me if I was going to the game tonight... I said "Fo' Shizzle my nizzle" in the pitch of a tenor.
by Barry February 12, 2004
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slang for "for sure my n*****"
Tyler: do you wanna go to the movies tonight?

Lydian: fo shizzle my nizzle
by Lydian Beck April 09, 2008
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