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For now.
gotta stay low fn.
by xomeone27 July 20, 2017

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Noun. (1) a deity who is non-gendered, gender neutral, and/or nonbinary; (2) an intentionally and explicitly gender neutral term for any generic deity; (3) figuratively, someone who is awesome, admirable, attractive, powerful, highly skilled (at something), etc. in the same manner one might say "he's a god" or "she's a goddess".

Term derived from god/goddess.
(1) Baphomet could potentially be considered to have been a historical goddexx figure.
"Welcome and good evening to all gods, goddesses, and goddexxes in the audience tonight."

(2) Polytheistic religions worldwide abound with different goddexxes representing various aspects of their spiritualities and cultures.
"Many goddexxes invoke imagery of clouds, non-human animals, or supernatural features and abilities."

(3) "They are an absolute goddexx!"
"Sam is basically a goddexx on the guitar."
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by xomeone27 May 31, 2019

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The complex-valued exponential function; portmanteau of "complex exponential"; denoted exp(z) = e^z = e^(a+bi).

Extends the exponential function, e^x, or exp(x), to the complex plane.
The complexponential is defined by its power series, e^z := Σ(k=0 to ∞) (z^k)/k!

In calculus, differential equations, and complex analysis, derived from the power series for cos(x) and sin(x), Euler's formula shows us that e^(i*x) = cos(x) + i*sin(x)

e^iπ = -1
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by xomeone27 May 30, 2018

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