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When one girl straps a dildo on her head (usually drenched with warm sperm), puts a pair of pre-creamed panties in her mouth, gets on all four, makes a sound like Dino from the Flintstones, takes off full blast and jack-rams the dildo into another girls asshole. This typically sends the girl who got nailed flying through the air. The term "girl" is interchangeable with "ass-banging homo."
As I peered through the lesbian's window, I witnessed a fat bitch perform the flying rhino on her skinny lesbian partner. I read in the paper the next day that surgery was required to remove the dildo from her ass.
by TWON March 08, 2004
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Someone straps a dildo to their head and has their partner lay on the bed spread eagle. Then they climb up on the dresser and jump towards the person on the bed aiming for the vagina/butt hole.....plan a trip to the hospital
After he landed the flying rhino they never saw that dildo again.
by Ranger Mike April 12, 2009
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One female straps a dildo to her forhead. Another gets down on all fours. The first female then charges the second and rams the dildo up her ass.
Only in the Adult's petting zoo can one see a flying rhino.
by trevor August 13, 2003
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