One person is hung from the ceiling dressed as a monkey while the person paints their penis yellow and “feeds the monkey the banana”.
Hey Jane come over here and gimme a flying monkey
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by Super shrimper March 20, 2018
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AKA fly moes.

They just follow blindly and screeches constantly to the public and police due to the ignorance of themselves and their leader, the WWWH (wicked witch of the white house). Someone that swears they know the law and will quote it wrong.
Someone that likes to make a scene in public especially when they don't get their way. They're usually part of MAGA. Sometimes flying monkeys are also labeled as Karens', Kens', and Beckys'.
Once inside the store, flying monkeys circled around before preying on a family of 3 that they thought should not be allowed inside the store. The flying monkeys heckled and bullied the family about their nationality to leave, all the while screeching to the manager about having to wear a face mask.
by cynaim November 18, 2020
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Flying Monkeys (plural) - the name of the fanclub/supporters of YouTuber Devon Tracy (Atheism-Is-Unstoppable).
Butt-hurt Generation Pussy Regressive: "Oh, here comes AIU's Flying Monkeys to ruin my story with their logic."
by AFlyingMonkey February 23, 2016
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The act of a man bending at the knees, putting his fists on the floor, and performing cunnilingus on a standing female partner. While performing this act, the man has free reign to create a more dramatic experience by making angry monkey sounds, wearing wings, and occasionally scratching his head.
This past weekend I finally found a hoe willing enough to let me do the Flying Monkey!
by DramaMoon6 February 11, 2014
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The insertion of a partner's penis into the anal cavity resulting in extreme pleasure.
Mike: So she's sucking me off.
Dan: Yeah.
Mike: And out of nowhere, she flying monkey's me.
Dan: Lucky bastard.
Mike: Yeah.
by <3 February 22, 2003
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a 40 Oz (typically a fine Olde English 800) that is consumed to the neck and red bull is added. Consume fully and enjoy the effects. This monkey's got wiiings.
Why is Cam running around in the snow totally naked?

Oh, it's okay, he just had one too many flying monkeys >0<
by J0wNaGe January 11, 2014
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