People who are recruited by a narcissist to do their dirty work. A person who is involved in a smear campaign to devalue a victim of a narcissist. An individual who is a part of a group whose purpose is to sabotage someone. Usually a jealous coward.
Look at all these flying monkeys who are stalking me! Don't they have personal life?!
by Petar Hustle April 12, 2022
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An elite race of all-powerful shit throwers who will soon implement their plot to take over the world and drown the human race in a river of shit and jizz.
by Arfalarf January 28, 2004
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I minion or one that carers out others biding.
That brown noisier is up to no good, the lousy flying monkey.
by Sherry M December 22, 2006
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A frightening race of creature derived from the sick mind of the writer of Wizard of Oz, who clearly ran out of ideas at the end of the book/play/movie. Crack/Weed/Mushrooms (circle one) had to have been smoked during the brainstorm of these forsaken creatures. One of the scariest things ever, right up there with Umpa-Lumpas. The source of nightmares.
I hate the Wizard of Oz for many reasons. The Flying Monkeys is at the top of the list.
by gammadelta1 October 2, 2007
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A rabid right-wing reactionary, generally characterized by blind allegiance to the Republican party line, and consistant repetition of talking points from Fox News or Conservative radio hosts.

May also be referred to as a freeper, ditto-head, or ditto-monkey.

Can usually be found on
The flying monkeys hate the New Deal and will do everything in their power to undermine it.
by X0X0 February 10, 2005
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One person hangs from the ceiling while dressed as a monkey while another person paints their penis yellow and “feeds the monkey a banana”.
Hey Jane come over here and gimme a flying monkey
by Super shrimper March 20, 2018
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AKA fly moes.

They just follow blindly and screeches constantly to the public and police due to the ignorance of themselves and their leader, the WWWH (wicked witch of the white house). Someone that swears they know the law and will quote it wrong.
Someone that likes to make a scene in public especially when they don't get their way. They're usually part of MAGA. Sometimes flying monkeys are also labeled as Karens', Kens', and Beckys'.
Once inside the store, flying monkeys circled around before preying on a family of 3 that they thought should not be allowed inside the store. The flying monkeys heckled and bullied the family about their nationality to leave, all the while screeching to the manager about having to wear a face mask.
by cynaim November 19, 2020
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