feeling ill, especially from nausea

Used on CBS-TV show "The Late Show w/ David Letterman" this week by a guest who was describing feelings of nausea.
I was feeling rather flurpy all day.
<accompanied by gesturing of wretching/heaving>
by Nicole Travis June 16, 2006
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Universal word - could mean anything. Kinda like smurfy.
I feel flurpy today. (could mean just about anything... happy, sad, grumpy, jumpy, etc.)
Go flurp yourself. (hehehe. See the previous definition)
by Eric Hughes April 17, 2005
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When you dig your toungue into a woman's snatch and you suck the juice out and spit it back in her vagina.
Lara: good gravy, i never knew that a flurpy could pleasure me in such a way.
by Derick Ross March 28, 2003
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Hip-hop outfit hailing from Compton, Berkshire, England. They're first album "Killer Streets of CPT, Berks" was universally reviled, but their sophomore release "Omer's a Triflin Bitch" was met with grudging acceptance.
Flurpy Durpy Snurp Snorp be blowin up!
by Bagadagadagadagadoooo! November 04, 2010
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