When your girl takes popcorn and copious amounts a butter, coats your cock in it, and then proceeds to eat/suck it all off
My girl decided to give me the Late Show while we watched the movie 🍿
by Smooth and Cool November 20, 2018
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The show hosted by Craig Ferguson. Comes on after David Letterman at 12:36 am on CBS.

Can be abbreviated LLS or TLLS.
"My favorite late night talk shows are The Tonight Show and the Late Late Show."
by :DDDDDDDDD August 5, 2008
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If you’re reading this... Tell james corden to kidnap one direction :)) PLEASE I need one direction
James, Can you kidnap one direction? Please. Send it to the late late show’s social media ;)
by onedirection.xoxo November 5, 2020
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Police terminology for 3rd shift.where.depending on the precinct.things can either be crazy y pretty tranquil.
Since Harry bosch is now semi retired michael connelly wrote . the late show to introduce us to a new female protagonist
by 4realazitgits March 23, 2021
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