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The act of having sex with a crease, fold or other indentation in the flabby flesh of an obese person.

"flubbing - to find a fold and fuck it"

Probably from 'flubber' - flab + blubber
"Oh God! He's off flubbing with that buttertroll from before isn't he?"

"He suffocated while attempting to flub her back-tits"
by UrbanVoodoo September 24, 2009
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The act that Cubs fan perform on themselves or other Cubs fans around them. Also can be a synonym for masturbation.
After Carolos Zambrano's no hitter in Milwaukee all the Cubs in attendance fans began flubbing themselves.
by dd522 June 09, 2009
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Doing something so incredibly epic, it's the next stage.
Invented by Flubby.
Bob: Hey did you see me do that triple backflip earler?

Billy: yeah you were really flubbing
by Flubetto June 15, 2013
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