Pronounced: fl.oh.ve.

1. A word used to describe virtually any emotion or person and usually makes little sense to anyone except the person using the word

2. A small spore, normally green blue or purple and can glow, especially when it is dark. When a flove is released it will stay within a small area until it senses a nearby asshole. Once this occurs the flove will enter the asshole and come to rest near the end of the large intestine. At this position the flove will begin to expand rapidly until it explodes, usually tearing the victims body in two during the blast. A flove is commonly used on ones worst enemy and is a terrifying way for one to die, if someone feels the presence of a flove it is already too late and most succumb to the unrelenting terror when they realize that they will meet their end in a matter of minutes at most, this is often made worse if the flovee knows who is responsible.
1. Person: You are such a flove!

You: What the fuck are you on about you stupid flove.

2: Joseph lay there sleeping as the flove drifted up the leg of his boxers, he was only awakened moments before his body was decimated by the blast.
by Smith mcJohn July 12, 2016
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Dude 1- "Man, that game was beast!"
Dude 2- "I flove you!"
Dude 1- "Eww, no I'm not gay!"
Dude 2- "No, I don't love you, I flove you."
by clarksvillekid14 December 03, 2010
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The act of loving someone but not quite fully ready to admit that you really love them. When your too nervous to admit Love.

The period of time before you admit you love someone. More then Friendship love but not ready to admit they are fully head over heels in love yet.
by Karen June 27, 2004
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Shorthand for "farty love"; When your love for someone is so intense and so real that you can fart in front of them without shame or embarrassment.
Last night I went out for Mexican food with my boyfriend, and afterwards...well to make a long story short, we're now in flove.
by jdavisbruin February 24, 2012
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-noun/adjective: flove is a type of platonic "friend-love"

-verb: flove is the equivalent of the infinitive "to fucking-love"
Ashley and Aviel have a flovely relationship. (friend-love)

Ashley to Aviel, "I flove you." (fucking-love)
by Rubber-Ducky May 23, 2012
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To love someone as a friend; the highest amount of affection you can show someone you're not going out with.
Girl: I love you (as a friend)
Guy: You could have just said I flove you lol
by GGreenBass July 26, 2009
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