When a man jerks off and inserts a dildo into his anis for sexual pleasure.
Kyle: “Yo, Broseph! What you doin tonight?”

Anthony: “I’m gonna be flossing all night.”
by Unichrome January 19, 2018
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After someone has dooked in your mouth, you then push the dookie through the gaps of your teeth
That girl I banged last night was totally into flossing!
by Ksksksks26 June 06, 2020
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The action of swinging your arms across your hips alternating between your front and back. Now it is only used by companies trying to appeal to the new generation.
Literally nobody:
Pets Alive: iNtRoDuCiNg FiFi ThE fLoSsInG sLoTh!!!!
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by The7Guy August 18, 2020
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