Synonym of fuck. Often used as a substitute for "fuck" when someone is not in the proper environment to drop the "F-bomb."
"Oh flog me", "What the flog!", "Flog me in the ass!".
Also see flogging floggery floggerologist.
by TheFloggerologist August 02, 2012
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Fake blog, a website pretending to be a blog but actually the creation of public relations firms, the mainstream media, or professional political operatives.
Talon News was a "fake blog", created to attempt to grab the focus from real blogs and insert government spin into the online community.
by RandyTrevor February 25, 2005
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verb. To use Facebook as your blog, providing frequent content updates and fresh spider-bait (not really, but it sounded good), without actually having to put in the time and effort it takes to write a good blog.

noun. The Facebook profile, fan page, or other offering that serves as the lazy man's (or woman's) self-promotion.
I don't have time to blog because I'm too busy writing, so I just use Facebook to flog my updates.
by Lingistic Sorceress January 22, 2011
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After Sam got home from some serious LARPing, he decided to tape himself flogging for his dungeon wench.
by Brendan Morse December 02, 2007
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Family Blog. Subjecting your extended network of friends and loved ones to a daily blow-by-blow of minutiae of developments with your children. As in "to flog" them.
Did you read in my flog today about little Billy smiling after eating his green beans!?

Dear, did you remember to flog Mandi and Felipe?
by Josh Sklar May 06, 2008
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To push a car beyond its limits, usually damaging it in the process.
Whoa that dude likes to flog his car
by james April 08, 2004
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