A variation of giving someone "the finger", where the middle digit is fully extended and the remaining fingers are bent at the middle knuckle.
An advanced maneuver, the extra manual dexterity required is meant to indicate extreme displeasure with the party on the receiving end of the gesture. Also, it's fun to watch people who can't do it struggle like retards trying.
Yo G, let me put down the rag top so I can flip this bitch in the Escalade the bird. You need to come correct if you wanna merge in front of the 5 point 0. Can't a nigga get a turn signal?
by t.c. January 21, 2004
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The act of giving somone "the finger" by
extening your middle finger of either/both hands in rage.
So that dumbass in the limo flipped me the bird in the highway.
by money666lord February 14, 2005
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the process of taking a bird, normally a pigeon and turning it upside down in an effort to see its genitalia
hey biatch, watch me flip this bird, nigga
by mc ebony May 8, 2003
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taking one thumb and putting it across the other thumb and flapping the other fingers
What Happened to that boy
by Dre Jones July 15, 2003
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flipping the Byrd is basically a street name for pointing your middle finger at someone, nothing special kids. DO it and the boogie man will suck your toes at 3am
Kylie needs to stop flipping the bird
by A Kylie December 2, 2019
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