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The idea that everything on the net should be free - or at least paid for by someone else
by flynn January 23, 2003
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Smoking Implement

Step-by-Step User Guide
1. Burn two holes in the bottle, one shottie and one to hold the Jon Digger.
2. Secure the Jon Digger with Tac Du-Un bleu (Blu-Tac)
3. Blaze that bad boy.
Dya want this one in tha bottle? Quote : Kev & Flynn
by Flynn December 11, 2003
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types of people that either, (i)are immature looking for there age, or (ii) are quite to mature looking for there age.

also referd to as 'a manchild'
wait so are you telling me that guy is 18... what a manchild


hey that hair rock ape is only 3, damn manchildren


i wish i could grow so pubes, manchildren get all the luck
by flynn December 24, 2003
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to stick two fingers up to (American)
she flipped him the bird
by flynn January 23, 2003
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