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This is a genital trick which is sure to entertain your grandma or any passers by in the street. This should only be tried if you are very confident of the size of your "garbage" and your timing, as these are both essential for the trick. First get naked. Good. Then stand with your legs astride, then thrust you pelvis so your genitals flick back and forth. Then, on the backswing shut your legs and lean forward so your genitals are between your legs and on the otherside of your body, and you've done it. Once done, this moves has two hillarious sides to it, from behind you look slightly deformed and a bit like your shitting your own balls. Also, from the front it looks like you have no willy so is a short term alternative to a sex change, use a knife for more permanent consequences. However beware of the dire consequences of getting your timing wrong and totally caining yourself by squishing your balls in between your legs, so watch it.
"Do you know gerald, my bollards are still discoloured form the time i tried to "flip reverse it" when we drank all the port, maybe next time i'll just do a turkey instead."
by Barry the Baptist March 22, 2005
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The method used to get the gradient of the normal line to a point on a curve by using the gradient of the tangent at that point. Therefore reversing the sign (+/-) and flipping the fraction.
Hey doode I just got the gradient of the normal at (4,5) to this curve by switching the gradient from -(4/1) to +(1/4). I am totally gonna flip reverse it again
by cod5andchips May 27, 2009
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wen ya turn sumthing round or have something that spins
im goin to flip reverse my shoes and my phone whoa my coffe jus \flip reversed it also a twat song by 10 twats
by jonny March 01, 2004
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