(Noun) Dormroom-style foamy cushion chair that flips out into a bed.
Kyle and I couldn't find an empty bed, luckily there was an unused "flip n fuck" upstairs.
by matty January 19, 2004
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A fold up casual chair, usually made of foam that folds into thirds to sit in and folds out on the floor for guests. Handy for overnight guests or impromptu sex sessions.
My air mattress leaks, but luckily I had that flip n fuck in the spare room for my guest.
by Zette November 20, 2006
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Another word for a futon used during extra ciricular sextivities. Defined for it's ability to be easily fliped open and fucked on.
All the bedrooms where occupied so we settled on the flip n fuck in the living room.
by eaglegirl86 June 21, 2010
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