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An uncommon first name. Often mistaken for a black name. It's origin is Native American and/or Japanese. The meaning of either origin is debatable, and hard to find.
A very rare surname.
My first name is Tashina.
by tashina sinnie June 17, 2007
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Tashina is a friend that is trustworthy af . Tashinas are the best people to have deep conversations because you can never get through it without a laugh or a smile. she is the life of the PARTY!!! she can win any dance compition any day because her moves rock !! she is a bit grumpy and salty sometimes but never really holds a grudge on anyone ! she is a special person and rare to find because she is so sweet to everyone but be careful she can be two-faced. usually has the best black hair and dark eyes oh and the best golden skin in the world! she has an inner michevious side though but only those who are close know that! she has guys who totally respect her and never fails to get one guy! also once you get to know her she will never ever betray you unless you break her which is unpossile and unlikely. never ever leave a tashina because she is the best.
see that girl she seems so nice
omg i know right
i know her shes so nice and her name is tashina
by dylan skina June 08, 2017
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'the' best friend a girl for. She can listen, give advice, crack a joke tell a story, and most of all, she's always there. Has absolutely NO enemies. Cares for 'everything.' Also known to be a great girlfriend, daughter, and student. If you're lucky enough to get a Tashina, make sure she knows too.
Hey, last night Robbie broke up with me and i couldn't stop bawling, but then my friend called and comforted me. She's such a Tashina.
by Christina Bequette July 06, 2009
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