flat + tiddies: fliddies (small boobs)
I wish I had big boobs instead I'm stuck with these damn fliddies
by notonetrackminded January 20, 2017
Fliddy or Thliddy derived from the drug Thalidomide, which was given to pregnant women to stop morning sickness, which resulted in the new born babies being born without limbs. Fliddy is used today as a statement of injury.
Billy banged his finger off a wall earlier in the day, later as he picked up a beer the pain from his earlier injury caused him to remark.

"Ow, My Fliddy finger!"
by Trevor Fradgley June 25, 2006
A fat shite that likes to suck gaucas’ toe
Omg have u heard of that fliddy jack Duncan, what a flid
by Jack Duncan is a nonce February 20, 2019