The act of taking a poop and upon whiping yourself you discover nothing on the toilet paper....It's completely clean. This event has been known to make peoples day.
Mark walked out of the bathroom with an odd grin on his face; this was because he just had a flawless victory.
by TMaC March 21, 2004
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The pleasant and rare occasion in which after a long and sometimes stressful poo the wiper reveals a clean piece of toilet paper. No poo to speak of, it's all in the toilet.
Person one: Wow that was a fast shit!

Person two: Flawless victory man! In and out!
by whiskeybeer October 08, 2009
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Anytime one takes a shit and there is no required wiping.
Chris came back to the restaurant booth after taking a dump.
He exclaimed with great happiness, "FLAWLESS VICTORY MOTHER FUCKERS!!!"

Hi-fives were dispersed for the achievement.
by Paints June 25, 2007
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This occurs when you have completed taking a duece and when you go to wipe your ass the paper comes away pristine and white.
Grant-"Dude, yesterday I was dropping a log and when I wiped i got a flawless victory!"
by skeeter50 May 29, 2006
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The act of getting thousands of people to read your shitty definition.
I've never been laid and I don't have any friends, but this Flawless victory has given me a raging boner.
by charliemcc June 21, 2005
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