A strange phenomenon wherein a group of people plans a secret event to take place at a public location. The planning usually occurs online. Flash parties are usually silly, fun affairs.
A bunch of anime fans suddenly showed up at McDonald's wearing blue afro wigs and singing strange Japanese songs... flash party in action!
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
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All of a sudden a small group of people become intoxicated, dance, then sober up and leave within a few hours.
by GnomeyMclovin June 9, 2009
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A social gathering on an "off night" of the week, usually at a bar or someone's house/apt, that starts out small but suddenly, unintentionally, and randomly reaches critical mass and turns into drunken mayhem.
"Last night McHugh and I went to the pub to have a few beers, but then people randomly started showing up and it turned into a flash party. Some Excedrin would be good about now."
by NDFitz April 19, 2006
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A party consisting of primarily homosexual men wearing very little clothing, flashing their private parts to anyone who is there to see.
I just got back from Trevor's Flash Party, I didn't know Marco was packing so much!
by TruckerTuck June 19, 2023
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Is THE party where chicks and trans show the breast for a bead or just some compliments.

The practice of flashing tits comes from new orleans, but this kind of party is from philly and was thought by the italian community... and is actually spreading everywhere!
guy: tomorrow flashing party?
girl: what's that? no way... this is not a word!

Guys let's go buy some beads to the flashing party!
by ocirne February 16, 2010
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