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It can have many different meanings.
Usually replaces the word "fuck" in a language called flernglish, so that you can freely "curse" without actually "cursing", because nobody knows wtf you are saying.

If said in the sense of something being "flarky" then it means cool or awesome.
Person A: Dude, I totally flarked that girl in the ars!
Person B: Dude, Thats the same girl that I flarked in the ars! That is so flarky!
by Daviel May 05, 2008
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Assumed to be an equivalent of "fuck". Originated on an episode of the early-90s ABC show "Dinosaurs".
by anonymous August 04, 2004
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An underwater jalepno from a rectum, causing air bubbles to rise to the surface and make a very foul stench.
Jordan was in the pool and he flarked.
My God that flark was stinky!
Sometimes a Buatis Fratis Uv creates the same stench.
by Compton III December 30, 2005
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