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verb (flarggin')
see also flarg, flargged/flargg'd

1. Having accomplished nothing, often because of being in a state of stoned conciousness.
2a. Having been together with friends who have a common interest in weed, which resulted in minimal output of work save for baking a batch of cookies.
2b. Or if everyone was flargging to the extreme, eating raw cookie dough because baking would mean work.
1. Frank, Joe, Chet, Callie and Iola are flarggin' tonight and bought an ounce of weed for the occasion.
2. "Hey Kevin, what are you doing tonight?"
"Not much, some buddies are coming over, we might play some poker but we'll probably end up flargging."
4. "If I don't stop all this flargging I'll fail my midterm on Friday."
5. "I was so busy flarggin' I forgot to add example number 3."
by Matt Snowball February 07, 2007
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