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When your balls are semi-sweaty, so that your scrotum sticks to the inside of your leg. Usually you can tell a man with scrotum stick by the way he's walking (trying to unstick his sack from his leg by walking in a very open legged motion -- similar to stradle strut for women but for very different reasons) or pulling at his sack so as to relieve the stickiness.
Sean: "What are you doing, streching your hammies?"

Mike: "No, I've got some nasty scrotum stick I'm trying to alleviate."


"Mike's scrotum stick was even worse because he shaved his balls."
by Severance June 27, 2006

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City in southeast Michigan, not far from Detroit. Home to the University of Michigan.
"Hey, I'm in the mood for some rhubarb. Let's go to Ann Arbor."

"Ann Arbor is a Whore."
by Severance May 26, 2006

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Plant typically found growing wild in the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
"Dude, my Abercrombie shirt just fell off the porch and into that patch of rhubarb. Fucking REFS!!!"
by Severance June 13, 2006

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Lake in northern Michigan. Connected to Torch Lake and Elk Lake.

Skegemog is cursed. It is inevitable that something will go wrong if you schedule a trip to Skegemog.
On the river access site, leading from Torch to Skegemog: Sweet, the motor just died. Let's paddle to that marina to get it fixed, it should only take an hour to get there. Oh, here comes the rain. (Two hours later) Those two spark plugs cost $10? Good thing they didn't fix the problem and the motor still doesn't work. Ok, time to paddle the hour back to the boat launch. (Driving home) Dude, stuff just flew out of the trailer, pull over so we can get it. Awesome, that truck just completely smashed it into pieces all over the road. (Finally home) Hey, this is great, my fishing pole snapped in two sometime during the drive back. And where's the motor? Back at the launch, 45 minutes away. Spectacular, I'll drive back and get it. See you in an hour and a half.
by Severance November 10, 2006

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Act of taking an unusually forceful shit.
"I don't know if it was the hot wings or the meatloaf, but I seriously have to blast a load"

"Somebody blasted a load all over the place in here! Damn, that's nasty."
by Severance August 11, 2006

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Rainbow trout (steelhead)
First one to catch a steelie has to buy the patron shots at slappy's!
by Severance April 21, 2009

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My ass after I eat spicy food.
"I ate 25 hot wings from B Dubs last night, and now my ass is flaming."
by Severance July 14, 2006

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