When a girl gives you a blow job with hot sauce in her mouth
Hey I got a flaming Cheeto yesterday my socks still on fire
by Local_pot_genie February 18, 2022
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The act of farting on your gay lovers throbbing red rocket as he inserts it into your anus after eating food that makes you gaseous.
Let’s go get some White Castle and come home and have a flaming-Cheeto.
by Dirty Wilson April 11, 2021
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It means a flame user basically someone who ate a flame fruit
The flame fruit is nasty
by Dark hallow December 25, 2020
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When an insect flies too low over a bonfire and burns up in the sky.
Person 1: I love this amazing bonfire!
Person 2: Hey, I just saw a flaming barney over there!
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When you leave behind such a foul smell in the bathroom after a dump, it is completely uninhabitable from the smell for an indefinite amount of time
Person 1: Hey can I use the bathroom?
Person 2: No! I still can’t use my last bathroom after your little flaming chamber!
by CrocoWithAGlocko November 2, 2021
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When one grabs the top of their worm and proceeds to dip the worm in a series of spices or herbs to create a burning sensation.
by DankersFarelski November 22, 2021
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