When you accidentally set yourself on fire
He took some petrol down the beach and set himself on fire what a flaming josh
by Jexma September 9, 2021
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A person who surfs the internet looking to post inflammatory messages in the hopes of starting a heated argument whose only purpose is to get you mad and hot.
I've learned from experience, after wasting days in Internet debates, how to spot a flame seeker; they just post whatever they think will piss you off without having a real opinion on the subject.
by Achilles_ny August 5, 2015
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One of the many Street Fighter sounds that can be heard in Kanye's 'The Life of Pablo' song, Facts.
Kanye: Now we hottest in the streets, it ain't no discussion.
James Harden, Swaggy P runnin' up the budget. (YOGA FLAME!)
by American OG January 25, 2017
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Someone of Middle Eastern descent who liberally uses TUE's and other loopholes to take performance enhancing drugs.
Wow! Asif is running so fast. He is an Arabian Flame.
by Seadogelvis October 25, 2016
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The act of a man smoking and holding the smoke in then performing oral sex on another man and blowing the smoke out his nose during the act.
Todd took a massive hit from a bong and then gave mike and corey a flaming smokestack.
by The Wonder Twins & Dick October 27, 2011
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When you get stuck fist fighting a Kangaroo and you machete its arms off then light them on fire n double penetrate your wife with then until she screeches like the guy screech from saved by the bell
Traveling Australia was wild. Fought a Kangaroo, went hunting, had a bonfire, and got to dp my girl. All in all it was a Flaming Screecharoo l!
by Allnight Anderson February 8, 2023
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