Flamer, a very open, usually obvious homosexual person. (Usually male.) A term used in the place of the word "gay", "fag", or "queer". The word is also usually meant as a joke.
Joey: "I like the color pink..."
Tom: "Dude, you're a fucking flamer..."
by Tom. :D June 21, 2009
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a man who puts on a button-down, pink shirt with three buttons undone, torn jeans from abercrombie, flip flops, silk underwear and mousse in his hair and then heads out and cries to a barbra streisand musical, after which he goes to starbucks, where he orders a cappuccino, which he enjoys while reading an article in "vogue" about how to please your man. after all this, the "man" goes to the gap for some shopping and then heads out for a manicure and hair appointment.
the damn flamer couldn't stop talking about clothing materials, so i showed him the newest playboy and he quickly dissapeared
by clevelandsteamer September 05, 2005
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A man dressed up in womens' clothes. 'Flamer' is a shortened form of 'Flaming Faggot', a burning piece of tinder. How a man in womens' clothes is comparable to burning tinder is beyond me.
"He is a flamer"
"Look at the flamers!"
by =^..^= November 02, 2004
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A word used in history to direct a insult at a gay person for the choice they made in their sexuality.

It is now presently used for a person who is so outright loud, obnoxious, idiotic, controversial, disgraceful, pathetic, freakish, drama played, clueless, drag fairy, premature ejaculation, that uses being gay as a crutch to get close to the apposite sex as a "pity party manner" in certain situations.

That even gays are disgusted by such atrocity walking around on the planet.. giving them a bad reputation.

Chris Crocker is one of the worlds biggest Flamer..
by Helloagainmynameissir July 23, 2010
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