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A non-gender specific term referring to an American that adorns the back of their vehicle (typically an SUV) with more US flags and yellow war ribbons than you can shake a stick at. More of a trend than of a real show of support for US troops.
"Would you look at the flag hag driving that Escalade? He can barely see out the back window."
by SnaggPDX November 18, 2004
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anyone with a multitude of flags adorning their house, car, peson etc.
The flag hag issue is a delicate one since the target normally can become greatly offended under the auspices of extreme patriotism/jingoism.
by provider44 January 15, 2010
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flaghag (flag hag) NOUN. A woman who is sexually excited by her nation’s flag. A person who cares more about the symbol than the people it represents.
She gets all wet-lipped and teary-eyed when they parade the flag, but doesn't give a shit about the disabled veterans. She voted to cut their pay and benefits. What a flaghag.
by Maxhole June 20, 2009
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the ugly girls that wave the flags during half-time shows at football games.
Those were some homely flag hags that performed at the Super Bowl half-time show.
by Yostiemonster February 01, 2006
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