A great place between Edinburgh and Dundee with nice beaches lots of fields and some golf courses (if your into that sort of thing) home to the worlds greatest football (soccer) team in the world bar none Raith Rovers F.C
wow im in Fife lets go play some golf then watch the rovers beat the crap into the pars a.k.a Dunfermline "shitty" athletic 250-0
by Highlandr545 July 07, 2006
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1.Used to imply ownership

2.Called out when used to hold your seat.this is only good for 5 minutes. after the time period is over, the seat is fair game
"hey, i found a lighter, Five's"

"hey, i gotta take a piss, i'll be right back, FIVE'S
by steve May 05, 2004
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call fives on a seat when u get up so mother fuckers cant steal it for 5 min.
by 69 KIng October 25, 2006
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Defines a claim or ownership of a certain item. Originally used to define such a claim for 5 minutes, but is now commonly interchanged with the word dibs.
Fives on that seat!
by roxie May 29, 2004
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A place in Scotland.Situated between Edinburgh and Perthshire.Home of the best football(soccer)team in Europe,Dunfermline Athletic Football Club AKA The Pars.
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former wife - a person to whom you were married and with whom you maintain a good relationship; humorous and inoffensive way of referring to prior spouse
I invited my fife to our son's 10th birthday party.
by G-wow August 10, 2015
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A complete shithole on the East coast of Scotland. Not much happens, people have funny accents and weird beliefs, such as the belief that anyone who lives in the same city as David Tennant "knows Doctor Who". They have no cars, only tractors, shag sheep for fun and give funny names to places, like Burntisland, which weirdly, is not burnt or an island.
Rosie: "Where are you going?"
Lauren: "Fife."
Rosie: "Oh shit. Good luck."
by Cheerio...x October 10, 2010
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