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You are said to be "covered in minge" when sat between two girls or women.

-Andrew Cross
He's sat between Sandra and Sue...

Yeah just look at him, he's covered in minge.
by poulter7 July 29, 2006

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Fives is a game played by two or more people using a football. The first person kicks the ball against a wall, if it touches the walll it is the turn of the next person to kick the ball at the wall and so on...
If someone misses they lose a life, but the ball is continued to be played by the next person from wherever it is missed.
Each player starts with fives lives and the single person with at least one life left is the winner any appropriate punishment can be given to the looser!
What you doing?
- Playing fives

Get a ball, we'll go play fives...

We need to find a wall first before we can play fives...
by poulter7 July 29, 2006

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