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a competition when you and all your major dude friends jack off till they can't possibly jack off anymore. The major dude that jacks off the most in shortest period of time wins. There are many rounds and degrees of champion. House rules apply.
My major dude friend Jonathan busted his nut for 13 rounds in less than two hours and attained the prestigous heavyweight crown(no spit allowed) in the bi-monthly fists of fury comp.
by jeffrey effrey April 07, 2007
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Fists of fury is a sexual manoevre. It can performed by any combination of males and females (mf, ff, mm). It involves (as the title suggests) furious fisting action. Fists fly everywhere in this position as the inflictor flails their arms wildly searching for a vulnerable orifice to attack. Once spotted, they lunge forward in a Bruee Lee-esqe jab and penetrate deeply.

Fists of fury does not have to be a dominant/submissive position, as once the first fist has been planted, it leaves the perpetrator open for attack from the other person. This dual fist action can be surpassed by triple fistage, then quad-fist domination (for instance 2 females may be fisting both the vagina and anus). Quad-fists-of-fury are not for the faint hearted.
>>> Trent: "ur such a hot guy, i wanna fist ur anus all night long... You better watch out for my FISTS OF FURY! cuz they'll get ya."

>>> Sean: "ARRGGGHHHH! What the FUCK are you doing? Stop waving your arms around, its scaring me"

>>> Trent: "FISTS OF FURY ATTACK!!!"

>>> Sean: "My anus is bleeding, your fisting me too hard... Wait I have a chance to fight back, you left ur anus defenseless against my fists"

>>> Trent: "Oh yeah give it to me, yeah dual-fists of fury, this is hot!"
by omg i am wtf uber October 21, 2007
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1971 Bruce Lee epic motion picture about Kung-Fu and masturbation.
Bruce Lee, starring as Cheng Chao-an said to Hsiu Chen, "Beat it or I will kill you right now", thus was born Fists of Fury.
by harry flashman August 05, 2003
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The Fists of Fury. Best. Band. Ever. Learn more about them at

their site is also a ripoff of but it's still cool.
by FistLover December 05, 2003
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