The group act of, well putting your dick in the mouth of a fish you or someone else has caught. An activity conducted in secret by groups of male friends who are always going "fishing". Fish dicking can be a solo adventure but is usually conducted by a group. Fish dickers like talking about fishing trips all the time, and generally drop bank on fish stuff. People who fish dick are constantly blowing off doing cool things such as going to the bar to find bitches, or attending a crunk ass show. Instead of doing something cool fish dickers are always insisting that they have to go fishing instead.
Guy 1 "It's tuesday night let's go to Maxx's and hit on college girls!"
Guy 2 " Can't go tonight, have to go fishing on Saturday.."
Guy 1 " More like going fish dicking.."
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 December 05, 2015
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