Ignoring all personal responsibilities to play with your fish tank.
Honey, quit fish dicking around and take out the trash.
by MS111 December 17, 2016
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The group act of, well putting your dick in the mouth of a fish you or someone else has caught. An activity conducted in secret by groups of male friends who are always going "fishing". Fish dicking can be a solo adventure but is usually conducted by a group. Fish dickers like talking about fishing trips all the time, and generally drop bank on fish stuff. People who fish dick are constantly blowing off doing cool things such as going to the bar to find bitches, or attending a crunk ass show. Instead of doing something cool fish dickers are always insisting that they have to go fishing instead.
Guy 1 "It's tuesday night let's go to Maxx's and hit on college girls!"
Guy 2 " Can't go tonight, have to go fishing on Saturday.."
Guy 1 " More like going fish dicking.."
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 October 14, 2015
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A nasty rotten fish odor that tends to occur when a guy masturbates too much. Semen drys up on penis after he is done which smells like rotten fish.
"Oh damn.. I didn't clean myself well enough after i beat the meat, now i have a rotten fish dick!
by jenkinsz April 9, 2009
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A condition occurring mostly in (although not limited to) uncircumcised men as a result of not cleaning their genitals, particularly under their foreskin. Their lack of concern for personal hygiene results in their genitals producing a nasty fish smell. 90% of men with this condition will request oral sex while remaining oblivious to the fact that they have it.
That guy I hooked up with had a MAJOR case of fish dick.
by Cobra Lambent January 31, 2011
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a guy who is so desperate for pussy that he will screw anything. he therefore tends to have a smelly cock, a fish dick if you will.
oh my god, who in their right mind would want to fuck that fish dicked guy. he is pathetic.
by toohotttohandlebaby October 2, 2006
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What the human male experiences after a night of unprotected sex with a woman then leaves in the morning without showering, and follows that with a day of hard work in a hot kitchen. It is a combination of a foetid stench, grease, slime and crusty scaliness in the genital region.
"Geez, Chef, I just took a leak, and I've got a rotten case of Fish Dick."
by nyquilcoma July 2, 2012
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(1) Fish stick, especially fish sticks that aren't very good.

(2) A guys dick after fucking some nasty, stinky tuna cunt.
Sally's twat felt pretty good, but it was too stinky to eat, and gave me a case of fish dick.
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