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Fake hipsters. They look the same, dress the same but in real life they are actually just like the majority, some regular boring job, no political opinion on anything or any sense of creativity.
Check out that guy with the hat and the greasy beard, he must be working for Google or something. He works with my dad in the post office as a clerk - classic fipster!
by ceraZaz April 13, 2011
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A furry hipster. A furry who pretends he or she is too cool for the furry fandom. Fipsters, when they attend conventions, will hang out in the lobby of the hotel and make a deliberate effort to appear bored and disinterested. When asked why they are attending a fur con they will say that there are here “ironically” or “just checking out the freaks.” All characteristics of normal hipsters apply to fipsters as well.
“Who are those guys over on the couches who keep smirking at everyone? They’ve been there all day and they don’t have badges either.”

“…forget them, they’re just fipsters.”
by Connner15 February 01, 2009
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A Fipster is a Fake Hipster. Somebody so retarded they can't even qualify as a hipster. Thinks it's cool to be a hipster but likes stuff
Someone who wears cheap, discount store clothes, loves cats and triangles and Lady Gaga, has a tumblr with a funny username, thinks it's cool to be a hipster. Condescending, rides high nelly bicycles, reads wikipedia articles on obscure bands as a cover for their love of pop music. Only knows the hits of a band and not their catalogue of songs. Has a book shelf of books they think hipsters would appreciate but everyone just thinks is retarded, like goosebumps books. Pretends to be blind and wear stupid 3d glasses. Using the LL Bean catalog to pleasure themselves. A self absorbed ass hole or "ass whole" being fully absorbed in ass wholeness. A loser with such poor upbringing in grooming and/or behavior that is desperate to fit in but has slid backwards on the evolutionary scale to a pre-human level but tries to act like they are superior to everyone else. Doesn't realize Hipsters deny being hipster and actually calls themselves a hipster, thinking it's a sign of being cool.
CC is such a Fipster!

That retard thinks he's a hipster. Total Fipster.

"He says he loves Muse but I found Call Me Maybe on his Ipod....Yeah, he's definte Fipster."

"When I asked him what's his favourite Tom Waits song he couldn't answer me. Total Fipster."
by Mwlink26 September 07, 2012
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Fipsters are simply functional hipsters. They are bona fide hipsters (see definition of hipster), who in close group of friends feel safe enough to exhibit their hipster tendencies without feeling their lives are in immediate danger by the rest of the world that just "doesn't get it." However, they know that they must tone down their hipster ways in order to be taken seriously as a credible and contributing individual of society. They must tone down their love of taking brunch pictures, quoting lines from Catcher in the Rye, and discussing the struggles they've endured growing up in a well-adjusted and loving upper-middle class home in a predominantly white community. At first it is difficult for the hipster to transform itself into a fipster. However, with consistent practice, a hipster can seamlessly transform itself into a fipster. These elite few can transform themselves in the same amount of time it takes to pick out their next ironic tattoo--not long.
lying hiding your collection of Fleet Foxes songs in a folder called DMB 2010 tour wearing American Apparel under your Brooks Brothers fipster syndrome
by tatertotsareyummy July 24, 2011
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A foreign policy hipster. Someone who reads Wikipedia extensively and takes interest in obscure countries, regions,and, political regimes that are not typically emphasized by most mainstream foreign affairs experts and diplomats. Their interests place an overbearing emphasis on the Falkland Islands, Nagorno-Karabahk, and Equatorial Guinea, areas that nobody really cares about. Uses knowledge of such information to feel a sense of smug superiority to other diplomats.
That guy is such a fipster. He's always talking about the Falkland Islands. Not even the British give a fuck about the Falkland Islands.
by HonkyInParis June 04, 2012
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