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Irish name derived from the "Salmon of Knowledge" an old Celtic mythological story. King Fin turns into a Salmon to escape his enemies amd eats the hazelnuts that drop from the tree of Knowledge into the river. By eating them he has ultimate Knowledge. Eventually he gets caught and cooked the cook (Fin again in a new life) burns his thumb on the cooked fish and sucks it. He then knows everything.
As above example - no more to say
by Fintan (another one) November 29, 2004
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Arguably the biggest legend to walk on planet earth,guys wanna be him,girls wanna be with him,to put it simply the guy is faultless.
Usually tall blonde and hansome,fintans tend to disregard their connection with Hitlers favoured Aryan race but instead elect to start their own race of perfect human beings.
Nice,modest,sensitive,dilligent,intelligent,caring,the list is endless, definitely not members of nazi youth or the S.S. terms and conditions apply
the writer of this article,fintan
by the phantom scribbler February 20, 2012
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Some dickhead who likes to have a gay time playing soccer and pulling his teammates dicks
Fintan Conway loves a gay time
by Simon691 January 05, 2015
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Irish name derived from the "the jiblet" an old Celtic mythological story. King Fin turns into a jiblet and goes on to wreck everyones head. His enemies are many because most people are shit sick of him. He is an incredible jew who loves to spend very little. People have decided he must die on many occasions but eventually came to the knowlegde that everyone needs someone to hate. Quote" haterz be hatin' yo!" Fintans were more likely to be part of the hitler youth and grow up to the S.S. In modern times a fintan is likely to have no "nads" a tiny weiner and watch a rake of porn.
that fintan sure is a shitbrick
by JetSpark October 28, 2010
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