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Irish name derived from the "Salmon of Knowledge" an old Celtic mythological story. King Fin turns into a Salmon to escape his enemies amd eats the hazelnuts that drop from the tree of Knowledge into the river. By eating them he has ultimate Knowledge. Eventually he gets caught and cooked the cook (Fin again in a new life) burns his thumb on the cooked fish and sucks it. He then knows everything.
As above example - no more to say
by Fintan (another one) November 29, 2004
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The bestest friend ever
All the boys are jealous of fintan
Fintan is fabulous in every way
Fintans the heart and soul of this party
by Fintansbestie March 18, 2019
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The best person in the world with an amazing life a handsome ginger with amazing friends and is the life of a party
This party is boring

It will be class when fintan gets here
by Fintansbestie March 18, 2019
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A boy of Irish origins. He is funny, sweet, smart, sexy, a little shy, caring, hardworking, and the best kind of boyfriend you could have. He will give you his whole heart without hesitation if he loves you. He will go out of his way just to see you smile no matter how inconvenient it is for him. He will definitely spoil you and give you the entire world just to see you smile. There aren’t many like him so you know you are beyond lucky if a Fintan happens to fall for you. He probably has many friends that are girls but you don’t need to worry because he only has eyes for you. He can be a little overprotective at times but you need to prove to him that he can trust you and that will reassure him. He is most likely into cars, big dogs, and dressing nicely.

In bed, he may seem a little timid at first but after some time, you will realize he is very kinky and not afraid to try new things. He will put your satisfaction before anything.
He has the most adorable smirk when he sees you because he just can’t help it. You will definitely catch him staring when you are just minding your own business because he is very into beauty and will want to admire you as much as he can. He will want to hold you to make sure you feel safe and happy all the time. He also has the most prepossessing eyes and there is a big chance you will fall for him if you look into them for too long. It would be very wise to not let a Fintan go if he is in your life.
Caelan: What’s your husband’s name again?
Tiffany: Fintan

Caelan: Wow you are so lucky, I hope I find a man like that.
by yxngthxtti February 09, 2020
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greatest guy in the world with a MASSIVE FAT COCK
OMG beaky did you see that guy named fintan he is soooo hot and sooo big in the penis
by bigdaddyfrank69 September 18, 2019
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