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Used to describe something overly awesome. Also in derived from Latin translation - Sex God of Life.

Often used in conjuction with words such as amazing, fit, super, sexy, fun, kind, and cool.
OMG! That supermodel looks like a Finnian!


Wow, after several shaggs, I feel like a Finnian.
by sexgod11 February 25, 2010
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The biggest prick on planet earth. An invalid excuse for a human being. Don't be fooled by his Chinese looks, he's not really that intelligent. I have more brain cells in my thumb than he has in his whole head.. and that says a lot coming from a person who thought BELGIUM was a CITY IN GERMANY. Molly Saggers has a fetish for abusing him, no doubt because he's an illegal immigrant. Don't associate yourself with a Finnian.
Finnian = Prick.

'Fuck off Finnian before I get you deported.'
by May 22, 2017
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One of if not the greatest friend one can have! Sure, maybe he’s rich, but that’s just his family! He’s a great guy, so if your know a Finnian, be friends with the guy
Yo Finnian! How’s it going?
by Dumbass smart ppl June 27, 2018
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(finny, finn) ; they are the strongest person you ever met. they are extremely loyal with a good heart. whatever tries to beat them down, they stand right back up. do underestimate a Finnian.
Wow! Finnian is such a great friend!

Everybody should have a friend like Finnian.

Finnian is so loyal, you should meet them!
by thisisthetea07 June 24, 2019
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