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n. The signal given by drivers in the South acknowledging their friendship or acquaintanceship with an approaching driver. It consists of lifting the pointer finger of the hand that is sitting at eleven, twelve or one o'clock without removing the hand from the wheel.
Driving down Highway 27 last night, I saw my momma heading in the opposite direction. I returned her finger wave as she passed and continued on home.
by A Cajun Girl November 04, 2007
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Term describing the anal prostate check portion of the annual physical examination done on older men. The "finger wave" is done by the gloved hand of the examining physician. One only hopes that while the "finger wave" is being done you don't feel both of the doctor's hands on your shoulders at the same time or you're in trouble.
Old man Klaune went to the doctor and got a finger wave.
by Frank Klaune March 06, 2004
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Originally, a women's hair style in the late 1930's and early 1040's, characterized by a series of ridges as though a hand with spread fingers was placed on the hair and then the fingers closed.

The slang definition of the term, initially attributed to the military, was used for a prostate examination as described above.
Be sure the proctologist doesn't have both hands on your shoulders when he gives you a finger wave.
by Don Howard April 08, 2007
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When you're wiping your ass with cheap toilet paper and your finer pops through it so you and up touching your ass hole.
"I was proud of the giant dump I took until I wiped and gave myself a finger wave, then I just felt a little insulted by my own ass."
by Sarah Lambert February 27, 2008
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