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1.(n)- Ghetto slang for POLICE
2.(n)- Ghetto slang for hand-gun
1. Damn, tha heats followin us!
1. Shit!! the heats flashin the blues and reds!
2. I got the heat under the seat
2. Dont make me pull out my heat
by Peoples Champ November 5, 2005
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The practice of oral sex given to a male.
Girl: Want filatio?
Boy: What the fuck is that shit?
Girl: Its a Blow Job.
Boy: Your a fucking nerd! Stop using words like that.
Girl: So do you?
Boy: Not after your fucking words!
by Peoples Champ April 27, 2006
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Hip-Hop that is slowed down to 85%-90% of its original speed, then "chopped up" by repeating certain words or phrases in the song. Screwed is slowing down the song. Chopped is giving the song the scratched-cd effect. Created in Houston, TX by DJ Screw. RIP DJ SCREW
A. "Did you hear that track by Z-Ro and Trae called 'My Momma'"
B. "Yea, mayn! That song is chill Screwed and Chopped"
A. "Listen to it when you're throwed"
B. "RIP DJ Screw"
by Peoples Champ May 19, 2006
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