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(jamaican slang)it means to squeeze the inner vaginal muscles ie kegel exercise but specifically during sex
oh yeah girl! that's it! quint it for me baby
by trinimeli February 12, 2009
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a marching set of 5 tenor drums, with the fifth and smallest reffered to as the "shot" or "gock" drum and being only a few inches in diameter
My quints are screwing up my back! This will screw me for the rest of my life.
by dvdwinter9 December 01, 2006
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A marching percussion instrument consisting of 5 'toms' pitched differently and usually to the same pitch as marching bass drums.
That roll down on the quints was amazing!
by Bishop January 12, 2005
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Megaman from the future who was kidnapped and brought back to the year of 20XX by Dr. Wily. Shortly after kidnapping Quint, Wily reprogrammed him to be yet another one of his Megaman Killing robots.
Quint made his grand debut in Mega Man II for the Game Boy.
Quint's master weapon is the Sakugarne(pogo stick).
by afrodave April 10, 2006
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Derevating from the 5th or quintuple. Quint is a pretty chill guy, always there for his friends, and he's just a straight up bro. Quint's usually don't tell you when their phone is broken, therefore, you don't know if your lax workouts are cancelled or not. If you need the definition of bro, find a Quint.
Dude! Quint and I had a pretty straight chill sesh yesterday! But too bad i couldn't get my pump on because he never told me his phone broke.
by Young Rafff September 01, 2011
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