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From Terry Pratchett's "Discworld". It can be defined as 'a small short-crust pasty containing raisins'. But considering that 99.99% of the population dont know this, it can mean almost anyhting!
mmm, that was a nice figgin

If you touch my computer, I'll rip out your figgin and shove it where the sun don't shine!
by Gnarly Goat January 15, 2005
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The use of shaved ginger as a sex toy. Shaved ginger can be inserted into either the vagina or anus momentarily and then once removed leaves a tingling burning sensation for hours.
While tied up, Justin asked for a little figgin from Janet who quickly shaved up some ginger and obliged in his "pussy".
by Touss March 06, 2008
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A wholesome and slightly geeky high intensity qualifier. Way fresher than "Friggin" but not as recognized as "Flippin."
"Bro, that was figgin' awesome."
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Someone who does something stupid or idiotic. Taken from the comedic name of Los Angels of Anaheim player, Chone Figgins, after he botched several plays during the 2004 MLB post season.
That figgins, Dave, drank too much and threw up all over the bar.
by KevinD March 15, 2006
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Started in 2004
When you find a game online that you think is really good, you send your friends the link and hype it so much everyone can't wait to play it.
Only problem is its shit, doesnt even work online, and its shit. And it doesn't beat Infantry, ever.
I figginsed it
You really pulled a Figgins
by Hibbso September 21, 2004
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The human manifestation of LSD often using words like growe, Roodle, Snoggle and epic has slight obsession with deer, moths and Caitlin.
Figgins is that bat dirt?

Figgins: BAT DIRT!
by The goddess devine August 04, 2009
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(1)about to do something
(2)about to go somewhere
What you figgin to do?
Where you figgin to go?
by Adrian Rivera November 02, 2006
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