a fern that grows in the Northeast and Canada. Grows along riverbanks. A delicacy in springtime in Eastern Canada. When the fern is young, and ready for picking, it looks like the head of a violin or fiddle.
Whip up some fiddleheads with butter on them.
by Doctor Livingstone May 14, 2005
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A band from the Boston area that plays DANK music.
They're expanding in the festival scene and always put on a good show at local bars.
Along with their music they are known for their live paintings done while the show is going on, only to be raffled off at the end to a lucky winner.
They are also known for their members profound ability to drink massive amounts of alcohol and still play a great (if not better) show.
Mike: Hey man, that CD is ILL. Who is it?
Suzy: Who is it? It's {FiddleHead}!

Ronaldo: Want to go to a mad dank show?
Miguel: Who's playing?
Ronaldo: {FiddleHead}
Miguel: Oh, for damn sure. They play {Dank} music.
by tokety_toke March 24, 2010
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