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It looks like you're texting someone, when really you're just hitting random buttons on your phone to make it seem like you're doing something and have friends to talk to, to avoid looking like a loser or a loner. It's often done when you're alone in public places, or when you're with a bunch of people you don't really know.
Nick: Hey, tell Jake to come and talk to us instead of texting everyone else.
Jon: His texting is blocked, he's probably just fexting so he doesn't look like a loser in front of Nicole. I mean he's too shy to talk to her, but he doesn't want to look like he's bored and has no friends.
by Joe S. M February 09, 2008
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Fucking while texting. Get it? Good! Now try it. You'll like it. Just don't put it in the wrong hole. If there is such a thing.
My girlfriend and I were fexting last night. I'm not sure who she was fexting tho... it wasn't me... is that a problem?
by Yagotta B. Kiddin February 13, 2013
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a text sent by a girl (usually to another girl) full of fakeness. Being fake includes pretending to like her when you really just want to punch her in the face, complimenting her when really you're just making fun of her, and/or saying you need to hang out when really you'd rather stab yourself in the eye.

Another other forms of being fake are also considered fexting when they are sent via text.
Lisa: "I hate that bitch but I need my stuff back. I'm fexting her."

Fext sent: "hey girl it's been way too long! We need a date soon! I miss your face :)"

Real text meaning: "I hate your fucken face but I want what is mine so hurry up and fext me back so we can pretend to be friends one last time."

Lisa after fexting: "We were just fexting and we're meeting for drinks tomorrow. God I hate that fucken bitch."
by fexter October 11, 2011
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Facebook chatting messages of extreme sexual content between two parties
I've been fexting so much I think my facebook is going to get a STD
by The2E's October 29, 2009
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Fake-Texting, the action of pretending to text message on your cell phone when someone you don't want to see or say hi to is walking right by you
Betty did not want to talk to Leah so she whipped out her cell phone and started fexting to avoid saying hi to her.
by Ashleigh M March 09, 2009
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Derived from the term sexting (which means talking dirty via text message and may or may not include photos), this spinoff means to send a photo of the food you just prepared with or without a sexual innuendo attached. Replying to a photo of food received with a double entendre.
Reply to a fexting message:

1. "He/ She's Hot! Does he/she have a sister"
2. "The best meats in the rump"
3. "Nice rack"
by freemind1 June 20, 2011
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Sexting through Facetime on the iPhone 4. The way the whole next generation will be revolutionized taken over. Talking on the phone will just never be the same again...
Little girl: "Steve jobs kept fexting me last night"
Parent: "oh mah gawd!"
by herhuskeet July 02, 2010
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