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fesbian, or faux-lesbian. someone who pretends to be a lesbian to gain attention from guys, or because being a lesbian is the "cool thing to do"
Sally: i like kissing girls
Tom: you're such a fesbian, you love the cock and only kiss girls to get attention.
by sketchau October 11, 2009
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One of the lowest forms of life on GameFAQs. Spend too much time on the FESB, the main purpose of which is a housing for the Anti-Troll Alliance. Lives alone in large boxes and/or very small apartments. Led by evil, ugly dictators, since they hate democracy, and usuallt are trolls. Their hate of FEGtaBles stems from a deep-seated jealousy of them and their superiority. Sometimes marsquerades as CJayC to attempt to make the FESB look good, but are easily spotted due to obvious inferiority.
Magus is a FESBian.
by a Speaker of Truth June 26, 2004
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A FESBian is a group of users, now mostly gone from the Fire Emblem Social Board. They inhabited the SB from the start and made it their own haven. Most well-known of these users are Smapdi, Shadow of Evil, and Jen. Known for their common trolling and chasing out any new user, they have had many a fad go on in the past. Eneies to the FESBians include LegaultTheAssassin/Manny, DartTheBerserker/DtB, and Magus who are currently running an anti-DS7 campaign.
Sonic TheDrunken
Genesis Dragon
grrrrr you7
Link Kirby
Sneakers II
Windy The Third

...I think I got them all. If I forgot you, sorry. ;-;
by MatthewTheAssassin December 25, 2004
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A guy who has had a transgender operation (becomes a transexual) from male to a female, and performs sexual acts with lesbians and/or other fesbians.
Ronald McDonald the Clown frequently found on McDonald Happy meals. Fesbians became common through-out the 1990's.
by eggsie January 08, 2008
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fat lesbian. usually gross, short, butch and has no dress sense.
"OMG that fesbian totally hit on me last night. Ew"

"OMG where are the hot girls or QTs...fesbian overload around here. "
"the mean?"
by micht August 06, 2009
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1. An accepted user who posts often at FESB/DS7 and DS7's password protected forum.
2. People that practice the religion, FESBianism.
holy crap i met teh meenest uzers 2day!!1 they liek call dem selves fezbians(lol liek lezbains rofl) and they r so mean so ban dem them please cejayc

"There is no spoon" - The Matricks

*sends e-mail to CJayC*
by FESBian August 01, 2004
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