where the men are pretty and the boys have cooters
take me down to the femboy hooters
by s1nj1ns bu55y June 7, 2020
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Where the prices are small, and the cocks are huge!
Josh: Wanna go to Femboy Hooters? It's the best place in town!
Pedro: Fuck yeah! I wanna see some dummy thicc femboy ass!
by orange_husky April 5, 2021
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An eating establishment comparable to Hooters, except the staff consists of femboys wearing Hooters uniforms with their little femcocks bulging in their skimpy shorts.
“Hey Jake, we’re still going to Femboy Hooters right? I heard they hire only the finest femboys in town!”
by Smoothcock McGee June 8, 2020
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Best place in town if you want extra thick milkshakes
Person 1: I'm hungry, lets go for a bite
Person 2: where?
Person 3: Femboy hooters
Person 2: that's fucking gay
Person 1 & 3: fuck you
by SillyHoneyMustard March 14, 2022
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1. The greatest place in the world.
2. A femboy with their breasts slightly popping out.
Scenario 1: Hey wanna go to Femboy Hooters?
Scenario 2: Damn, look at his femboy hooters.
by Zach T. Radass January 8, 2023
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